KEDA views many of the problems experienced by Hawaiians as socio-economic in nature.  These problems can and are addressed in many important ways, but what we see when we look out at the landscape of our society as a people and community is a substantially important missing component:  The power to fix our own problems and change our own futures without having to ask permission from others.  This is because as a people we’ve lost so much.  We have very little wealth in our community and existing resources (with extraordinary value!) are locked away and inaccessible to most Hawaiians.

However, we are not the first people to experience this level of loss and go on to overcome these types of challenges.  We know from the struggles of many peoples throughout history, that through cooperation, focus, generosity, and sustained effort, anything can be overcome.  Most importantly, we know that the power to create change most powerfully comes from within and is never fully provided by others.  Other people can help, but our greatest achievements have to be attained through our own will using our own resources.

ʻUmia ka hanu! Hoʻokāhi ka umauma ke kīpoʻohiwi i ke kīpoʻohiwi.
Hold the breath! Walk abreast, shoulder to shoulder.
Be of one accord, as in exerting every effort to lift a heavy weight to the shoulder and to keep together in carrying it along.