The Kanaka Economic Development Alliance was established in 2019 to examine and measure the socioeconomic well-being of Native Hawaiians in and outside of Hawaii and address the ongoing disparities faced by Native Hawaiians today. It is our belief that economics is at the root of Native Hawaiians experiencing disparate outcomes in all areas of our lives, including health and education.

Per data published by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs in 2020, the disparity in Median Family Income–as a percentage of an annual income of $100K–between Native Hawaiians and the state as a whole in the years 2005 to 2019 shows an average disparity gap of 8.32%. But in the years 2018 and 2019, the gap widened to 13.74% and 11.76%, respectively.


The Native Hawaiian Business Directory was created as a tool to strengthen the Native Hawaiian business community. The primary purpose of the Directory is to (1) Globally network Native Hawaiian owned businesses with the goal to promote and grow a Native Hawaiian circular economy; and (2) Create a platform that provides greater visibility to Native Hawaiian owned businesses for Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians who are looking to support Native Hawaiian owned businesses, purchase Native Hawaiian made products, and/or seek Native Hawaiian service providers.

The Native Hawaiian Business Directory At-A-Glance

As of September 2022