Data Security

The Kanaka Economic Development Alliance (“KEDA”) uses three platforms to store data: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce. All three platforms provide multiple layers of security per strong industry standards and practices, including the encryption of data during transfer and storage on the servers. Servers for all three platforms are housed in physically secure data centers, to prevent any unauthorized physical access to data. Access to the websites used by KEDA staff to access data–Salesforce, Jotform, and Google Drive–are secured using complex, unique passwords and two-step login verification. No personal information and/or data is stored on any KEDA devices (e.g. laptops, desktops, iPads, etc.).

Sharing Data, including identifiable information with organizations, requires your explicit permission.

If a KEDA survey contains an “Outreach Preferences” section, you must select specific organizations if you want raw data shared with those organizations, followed by options on what data can be shared with them.  You will have the option to not share any data with any other organizations.  If that section of the survey is left blank or you select “none,” it will be assumed that no raw data can be shared with any outside organizations.

KEDA has limited to no control over how data will be used by organizations with whom you choose to share your data.

KEDA will work to communicate your outreach preferences with other organizations, but their methods for securing data and ensuring privacy will depend on those organizations’ individual security and privacy policies.

Data shared publicly will be aggregated and all identifiable data removed.

Data SHARED PUBLICLY from KEDA surveys will automatically NOT INCLUDE identifiable information. Data will be aggregated and summarized across multiple businesses replying to KEDA surveys to provide general and unidentifiable information to the public.

You may have your data removed at any time upon request.

To have all or any portion of raw data removed from our records, email us at admin@kanakaeconomy.org.  You will receive an email confirming all data has been removed. While your raw data can be removed from our secure data storage, raw data aggregated into past public reports can not be unincorporated.

Surveys are not anonymous, but access to data is limited to KEDA employees only and further limited within KEDA, based on data sensitivity and role of KEDA employee.

Access to data is granted to KEDA employees on the principle of least privilege, with some employees gaining more access due to their senior role and their responsibilities at KEDA.