KEDA is inclusive of all Native Hawaiians and envisions a future where we can work together globally. KEDA further seeks to partner with other peoples and organizations who share similar values for our mutual empowerment and for the betterment of society and our environment. 


KEDA recognizes that Hawaiian businesses are at every imaginable stage of development.  For those that need assistance developing, KEDA’s goal is to move beyond just one size fits all services and to ensure that each organization’s unique needs are met.


Many Native Hawaiian organizations struggle to make complex business decisions.  Rather than acting as an all-knowing, single source of knowledge, KEDA humbly believes that business owners are the best decision makers for their own businesses.  KEDA’s role is not to guide but provide support and access to the best and most highly skilled business professionals and other valuable resources to help businesses realize their visions.

He pūko ʻa kani ʻāina.
A coral reef that grows into an island.
A person beginning in a small way gains steadily until he/she becomes firmly established.