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What is your name?

Sherrie Galdeira

Where were you raised?

Kane’ohe, O’ahu and Hilo, Hawai’i

Where is your ohana originally from?

Hau’ula, O’ahu

Do you come from a family of entrepreneurs or have people close to you who have encouraged and supported your entrepreneurship?

I have always felt a greater need to maximize my ability to identify a need and develop and implement a systematic approach in serving that need. People close to me are in observation mode to see what becomes of my ideas without offering assistance or business related support partly due to their lack of understanding or interest in entrepreneurship.


What is the name of your business?

Hilo Businesses, LLC also operating as Hawaii Legal Support Services and soon to open Hawaii Postal and Business Solutions.

What is the best way to contact you/your business?


Does your business have a website and/or social media presence? If so, please provide a link/s.


How long has your business been in operation?

4 years

Where is your business located today?

475 Kinoole Street, Suite 102-421, Hilo, HI 96720

What products and/or services does your business provide?

Contract Legal Support: Paralegal/Legal Assistance, Mobile Notary, Legal Courier, Civil Service of Process, Administrative Support.

Postal and Business Solutions: Private Postal Boxes, supplies and mailing, copies, binding, shipping, notary.

Please describe your business in 1-2 sentences.

Hilo Businesses, LLC is the mother hub of Hawaii Legal Support Businesses and Hawaii Postal and Business Solutions, offering legal service and administrative support products, mobile notary, civil process service, private postal service, shipping, supplies, copies, binding, and legal courier services to help serve your business productivity.

Why do you do what you do?

I want to serve your business with integrity.


When did you first think of starting this business? 

The small businesses of our community exhibited a need for service support. As companies began to rely heavily on their limited staff, they still had a need to maintain or increase business productivity. Hiring a contract service provider helped to fill that gap. In 2016, Hilo Businesses, LLC was formulated and founded on serving that need with integrity.

What type of experiences (education, work, life) were most important in shaping the skills you use to run your business today? 

I tend to gravitate towards very confident, independent, and self driven business leaders who happen to be women. I always looked to see how they would handle a particular situation and thought of innovative ideas to either honor their influence in my business career or enhance it.


In what stage of development is your business: pre-formation, early stage, growing, or mature?

I am at the stage where I intend to expand service products and continue to establish myself in our business community.

Do you have employees?  If so, how many?


Are you working to get your business to the next stage in development?  If so, where are you in that development?

Yes. I am preparing to expand our services to include Postal and Business Solutions service products. I am negotiating the purchase of an already established private mailbox business and will work towards financing, following an acceptable agreement with the current business owner.


What is the greatest challenge you have experienced as an entrepreneur?

The delicate balance between separating myself from my business responsibilities and making time for the valuable people in my life.

How did you overcome that challenge? (Or are you still working through it?)

I have learned to dedicate time and space for each area of my life, giving quality attention and accepting the sacrifice that requires.


How do you envision your business in the future?

I would like to be a training center, offering paralegal certificates, notary classes, and potentially process server courses, as well as develop an association for legal support services.