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I’ve been realizing over the last month, as we came up to our launch date, how this directory is so much more than just a business directory. I don’t think I’m going to be the only one that’s going to get lost on a Saturday afternoon reading every single business listing. I want to know all the places where our people live, what we’re doing, what inspires us, what we’re reaching toward, what sparks our curiosity, what makes us feel alive, and what gives us purpose. I feel like we haven’t known our own people, outside of our immediate circle of ohana and friends, that well for a long time. Through so many struggles and ways in which we are included or excluded, represented or misrepresented, by ourselves or by others, who are we? This directory is one way to answer that.

For anyone who is feeling shy or uncertain about the future of his/her business, or even still in the start up phase and hesitant to share, know that we want to know about you and your business(es), and we want you to succeed! Remember that together, we’re all stronger. We can help each other. IMUA!

~Kelea Levy, Executive Director, Kanaka Economic Development Alliance


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The NATIVE HAWAIIAN BUSINESS DIRECTORY–a directory of certified Native Hawaiian owned or controlled businesses and nonprofits–is a KANAKA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE (“KEDA”) project. KEDA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower the Native Hawaiian community and improve our collective livelihoods and the life of the land through self-led economic development.